Bachelor’s of Nursing Programs in Alaska

Although typically depicted and frequently dismissed as winding icy tundra of frigid wilderness, Alaska offers many rich rewards in the form of fantastic educational opportunities for aspiring nurses. Indeed, a little-known but quite true fact is that our nation’s Last Frontier has a long-standing socio-political tradition and established reputation for leading higher education in very positive directions.

The University of Alaska (“UA”) is one but one monumental example of progressive innovation at its best lying just behind what otherwise appears to be the coldest Arctic scenes in Academia. UA is one of the first statewide networks of its kind in the nation designed to ensure equal access to higher education for all desiring residents at all locations aspiring toward advanced academic attainment. Read on to learn more about the scholastic treasures that await within the hallowed halls of UA’s persona situated inside the walls of the City of Anchorage, Alaska.

University of Alaska – Anchorage (“UAA”)

School of Nursing

UAA’s School of Nursing has a main envision of being an educational magnet of highly qualified researchers, scholars, and educators by 2015. It aims to meet this goal by providing instruction with a primary orientation toward addressing a diversity of unique healthcare challenges throughout Alaska. Course content imparts knowledge via service, policy, political, and educational lenses as well as ongoing research innovations designed to discover and disseminate new knowledge bases.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Science Degree (“BSN”)

The BSN curriculum consists of 126 credits in both general and Nursing-specific coursework. Passage of the National Council Licensure Examination (“NCLEX-RN”) is also required to become a licensed Registered Nurse.


Besides full approval of the Alaska State board of Nursing, UAA’s BSN program holds full accreditation of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (“ACEN”), formerly known as National League for Nursing Accrediting (“NLNAC”).


UAA School of Nursing, Main Programs Office
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508-8030
Telephone: (907) 786-4550