What Field of Nursing Offers the Fastest Job Placement?

As anyone who has ever surveyed a want ad or the employment websites knows, nursing is probably one of the most in-demand professions in the workforce today. Simply put, there are just not enough qualified nurses to fill the need. Further, with the advent of Obamacare, the aging of the babyboomers, and other influences, the shortage is only expected to get worse before it gets better, which begs the question, “What field of nursing offers the fastest job placement?”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for registered nurses (RNs), has not only never been greater, but the projected growth between today and 2020 has never been higher (26 percent).

Trouble Brewing?

If there is a fly in the ointment–pardon the pun–it’s the fact that this huge demand is forcing health care institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices, to rein in their hiring in favor of those applicants who have more clinical experience as opposed to those whose backgrounds emphasize classroom training only. This, in essence, cuts many two-year RNs out of the job market in favor of the higher trained four-year RNs. http://allnurses.com/nursing-specialties/

Another factor having a considerable impact on the hiring of RNs as well as their prospects for rapid employment after graduation, is their specialties. Today, nursing has become so much more specialized, that general RNs are hired less often and at a much lower rate of pay if they are hired.

What Specialties are in Greatest Demand?

Since what an RNs specialty is determines, at least to a great degree, how fast they are hired, it makes the most sense to look into various specialties and select one that is in greatest demand or at least high on the list.

Private Duty Nursing. Private duty nursing is one on one care of a patient, most often in a client’s home or institution, such as a hospital or nursing home or similar facility. Nurses who are employed for private duty are most often paid by private pay, another private organization such as a visiting nurse association, or private insurance.

Advanced Practice Nursing. One of the upsides in the critical nursing shortage that is taking place today is the demand for those with higher nursing educations to teach the nurses of tomorrow. It is for this reason that many nurses with MSNs and doctorates in nursing are finding themselves in great demand by colleges and universities to teach.

Military and Uniformed Care Nursing. the nation’s military is finding itself with a great shortage of many professions. Among these is nursing. Although military nursing is in many cases much like nursing in a civilian world, it also have very unique aspects as well, such as the need for nurses who can serve in a war-torn area. In these settings, nurses often find themselves in very difficult, if not very dangerous situations to serve those military members who are wounded, and even wounded enemy combatants as well as other civilian nationals.

Forensic Nursing. Forensic nursing is working with the victims as well as often the perpetrators of crimes to not only start the healing process in those individuals, but to also collect evidence during those procedures.

It doesn’t take long looking at a list of nursing specialties before the wide variety is seen. This is not only good for those who need the care of these specialists, but for those who wish to serve them as well.