How Can I Study Online to Be a Nurse?

If you always dreamed of becoming a nurse, but you are currently working a full-time job, you might think that finding time to complete a nursing degree program will be impossible unless you make some changes. With the growing popularity of distance learning programs, it is now possible to earn your nursing degree from the comforts of your own home with a computer and an Internet connection. Online nursing degree programs are a great alternative for parents, individuals who are employed, and even for those who live too far away from a school offering a traditional nursing program. Once you are committed to the idea of earning a degree in the field of nursing, follow these steps and pursue your online nursing degree.

What Type of Degree Do You Want to Pursue?

There are a variety of different career paths that you can take in the field of nursing. If you do not currently possess a degree, you will need to focus on completing an undergraduate degree program before you can enroll into an advanced degree program. If you already hold an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree, you may be looking to earn your Master’s online while you are working in the field. Here are the degree programs that you can complete online:

Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Online Degree Program: If your goal is to prepare for the Registered Nurse licensing exam, an online ASN program may be right for you. ASN programs typically take 12 to 18 months to complete online, and some courses will offer the credit by examination program. This prepares you to complete the RN exam and transfer into a Bachelor’s degree program in nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: An online BSN program will prepare students with no experience in the healthcare industry to earn their RN license. Typically speaking, BSN degree holders are sought after much more than ASN degree holders.

Online Gateway Program RN-to-BSN: If you have an ASN degree or you are already a licensed RN, you can apply to join an RN-to-BSN online degree program. This is an accelerated program and you can typically earn your degree in less than 2 years so that you can compete in an industry where a Bachelor’s degree is a normal requirement.

Master of Science in Nursing: There are a variety of online schools offering MSN programs for students currently working in the field of nursing. If you already possess a BSN, you have been working in the field, and you desire specializing in a specific area of nursing, you can enroll in an MSN program and then test for your certification.

Doctorate in Nursing: If you want to take a leadership role in nursing, your best option is to earn a Doctorate in Nursing.

Enroll in an Accredited Program and Complete Classroom Courses

You will need to take several degree-related classes to earn your degree. Check out the curriculum of respected programs, research tuition costs and financial aid options, and enroll in an accredited program with flexible schedules. Meet with a counselor and discuss how much time you can commit to completing coursework. You should also discuss when, where and how you will need to do clinical and lab hours, as this is a requirements.

Fulfilling Clinical Requirements

After you complete all of your classroom credits, you need to arrange completing clinical requirements by making arrangements with medical facilities in your area.

There has been a 26 percent increase in the demand for nursing professionals, and this increased demand has led to the creation of more online programs. With more programs, leads to more graduates, and with more graduates means that degree requirements are stricter than ever. Earn your ASN, BSN, or MSN online, and compete in a growing sector.