What are some Prerequisites for Nursing School?

If you are considering a nursing degree, it is important to evaluate the prerequisites for nursing school programs. While the set of prerequisites will vary from school to school and department to department, many of the admissions requirements are similar in nature. It is important to review the general requirements of nursing schools and then to review the specific requirements of the accredited program that you would like to attend. If you would like to learn about educational prerequisites and experience requirements, read on and learn everything that you need to know before the application period begins.

What Courses Must You Pass Before Attending Nursing School?

You should already possess foundational knowledge before you begin your health-based education. This is why all nursing schools would like for you to have completed introductory health-related courses so that you can get into the basics of nursing once you begin a nursing program. Typically, all traditional and online schools will require you to have completed instructor-led courses in Biostatistics, Nutrition, Human Growth and Development, Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology. Not only will you need to have attended the lecture portion of these classes, you will need to have lab credit as well. Where you attend school is not usually a cause for concern, but you must have earned these credits from a regionally accredited school and a school with a specialized accreditation from a nursing accredited body.

How Much General Education Credits Should You Complete?

Some programs may require that you have courses completed in mathematics, algebra, biology and chemistry.  However, not all nursing schools will require you to have all of your general education courses under your belt before you can begin your nursing coursework. While general education credits may not have to be completed if they do not fall under the prerequisite list, it is a good idea to complete as many of these credits as early as possible. Once accepted into a nursing program, it may be difficult to find time to complete these requirements. This can prolong the time it takes to complete your education and start your nursing career.

Additional Requirements to Enter a Nursing Program

Before completing general education courses, you will need to be a high school graduate, at a minimum. If you have earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school, you will usually be able to use proof of the degree to satisfy completion of the general education requirements. Some programs may also require you to take and pass the Test of Essential Academic Skill, a test given through ATI Nursing Education that covers basic math, reading and science. Once your application is approved, you will be accepted into the nursing program.

The demand for nursing professionals is projected to grow dramatically in the upcoming years as baby boomers age. Because there is a current nursing shortage, there is no better time to attend nursing school. Once you meet the prerequisites for nursing school and attend an accredited program, you’ll be ready to enter a field that needs you.