What Resources are Available for Minorities Wishing to Pursue a Nursing Career?

As the face of nursing changes, more students want to find out more about the resources for minority nurses that are available today. Though the nursing profession was once exclusively white women, the number of males, African American students and students of different ethnicities taking nursing courses increased over the last few decades. This led to a number of groups and organizations offering scholarships and grants that help minority students pay for their education and other expenses while in school.

Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars

The Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars is a program started by Johnson & Johnson. This large corporation launched its Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future after noting the lack of qualified nurses working in the country and the lack of graduates from college programs each year. The program recognizes five or more recent college graduates who are minorities. It is only open to those who want to work as educators and help foster the next generation of nurses. The organization pairs winners with a mentor to help them gain more skills and provides some financial help as well.

Chi Eta Phi Sorority Scholarship

Founded in 1932 in Washington, DC, Chi Eta Phi is a society that is only open to nursing students. Though it originally launched with just a handful of female students, it expanded to other campuses across the country and later welcomed both male and minority members. The sorority does a lot to foster the development of minority students every year, and the sorority has a number of scholarships available to those students. The organization disperses those funds to sororities at various college campuses and lets them award the money as it sees fit, but it also has a number of national and regional scholarships available.

A Nurse I Am

Nursing students wear products from Cherokee Uniforms in the classroom and when doing clinical rotations. Cherokee Uniforms is the same company responsible for the A Nurse I Am scholarship program. Designed for minority students, the program awards 10 scholarships to needy students each year, and each scholarship is worth $2,000. According to Cherokee Uniforms, it begins its scholarship program every year in November and awards its cash prizes the following year. Scholarship winners can use the money to pay for new uniforms, textbooks, tuition and any other expenses that they might incur.

McNeil Rural Scholarship

Some of the resources for minority nurses are scholarships worth even larger amounts. The McNeil Rural Scholarship is available through the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Foundation. Designed specifically for students interested in working with children in rural communities, the program hopes to increase the number of minority nurses working in those areas. Applicants must apply by the middle of June, but the scholarship committee will award its prize prior to the start of the next school year. One lucky student can walk away with up to $40,000.

While the majority of nurses today are still white females, the number of minority and male nurses is on the rise. Many colleges now offer grants and other programs designed to increase the number of minority students studying nursing and medical topics. The resources for minority nurses available today include a large number of scholarship programs and other programs that will help those students get the guidance that they need.