Online Nursing Classes

Online nursing programs have grown in popularity in the recent past. This is because they have various benefits that are absent in the regular nursing classes. These classes are flexible since they allow students to create their own schedules. This means that they can undertake these lessons at their own convenience. They are also advantageous because they allow learners to graduate in the shortest time. Unlike regular nursing learners, online students can undertake a four-year course within two years.

Online nursing lessons offer a break from the hassles of overcoming traffic jams to make it to class. They are cost effective since they rarely charge for out-of-state tuition. Those who fancy an online degree in nursing have a plethora of options to choose. Some of the most popular nursing programs on the Internet include Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN to BSN), RN to BSN, LVN/LPN to RN and RN to MSN. Other online nursing programs are Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN/BS), onsite job training and certificate programs.

Where to take Online Nursing Classes

There are many colleges and universities that offer online nursing classes. This means that students are always spoilt for choice when looking for an institution. However, some institutions have upstaged others with regards to the quality of their online nursing programs. Such schools boast of international repute and have earned accolades from previous students. The following are some of the best online nursing institutions around.

University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)

This institution holds the title of being America’s largest medical institution. UIC, as it is also known, allows students to undertake BSN programs with unrestricted licenses. Its online nursing program also sharpens the leadership skills of the learners. Prospective students need not fret about residency requirements. As such, they can undertake their practicum at their desired locations. All the other packages of the nursing program are online-based.

Chamberlain College of Nursing

At the Chamberlain College of Nursing, students can choose between two degree programs. Those who have licenses as registered nurses have the option of undertaking the RN to BSN program within at least three semesters. The other online nursing program is the BSN-RN to MSN. Those who register for this program can concurrently go for a Master’s of Science program and complete the BSN requirements.

Grand Canyon University

The Grand Canyon University has stood out for its flexible schedule. Its online nursing program consists of new classes after every fortnight. Still, its RN to BSN course is only open to RNs. There are also no waiting lists or clinicals. It also offers a Master’s program that caters for registered nurses. This course allows students to specialize in education and leadership.

University of Colorado, Denver

At the University of Colorado, students have the freedom to choose between two MSN programs. These courses allow them to specialize in Informatics option or Healthcare systems and Leadership. Also available as part of its online package is a PhD Nursing program. Unlike the master’s program, students must make one campus visit per semester.

Online nursing degrees afford people with the chance of enjoying the benefits of nursing. Accredited online degrees will enable students to compete equally with other nurses in the job market. The shortage of nurses in the market ensures that job opportunities will be in plenty. Thanks to online nursing classes, graduation will come in the shortest duration possible.