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The Anatomy of a Nursing Student

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The editors at Nursing School Rankings decided to research the topic of:

The The Anatomy of a Nursing Student

Starting nursing school tends to morph the average person into a new species. What do nursing students look like?


- Bright white scrubs, all the time.
- First time wearing colors is so exciting!
- Proudly worn stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.
- Heavy bag full of books for studying in the spare few minutes between patients.
- Sensible shoes for keeping up with fast-moving nurses.


- Constantly reminds everyone about health:
- Wash your hands.
- Drink plenty of water.
- Would rather give a shot than drink one at the bar.
- More excited about blood than Edward...and considerably less sparkly.


- Picks apart every medical drama on television.
- Yells at TV: A real doctor would never do that!
- Attempts to diagnose every symptom at home, no matter how embarrassing.
- Dad, I think you need more fiber. And perhaps a courtesy flush now and then.
- Constantly checks vital signs.
- Two fingers on the wrist is common.
- Uses proper technique to apply SpongeBob SquarePants Band-Aids. Discusses bodily fluids over dinner.
- Grossing out all non-nursing students at the table.
- Thanksgiving at Grandma's will never be the same.

Social Life (or Lack Thereof)

- Study groups with fellow nursing students.
- Takeout food and coffee. Lots of coffee.
- Practices vocabulary and technique on the family.
- Bonus: Offspring and siblings learn medical jargon and use it correctly.