What is an Accelerated BSN?

Nursing is one of the fastest growing fields in the nation, and the speedy growth has led to a growing need for accelerated BSN programs. If you are planning to study for your degree, so that you can become a registered nurse, learning about the qualities of accelerated Bachelor’s of Nursing programs is a must. By taking an accelerated program, you may be able to equip yourself with the knowledge that you need to sit and pass an NCLEX-RN exam faster than you ever imagined. Read on, and learn about the unique structure of accelerated nursing programs and who they cater to so that you can make the right choice.

How is an Accelerated Program Structured?

An accelerated Bachelor’s degree program makes it possible for you to earn your degree in as little as a year. While the actual duration of the program will vary from school to school, typically you will earn your degree in between 12 and 18 months if you choose an accelerated structure over a traditional structure. It is possible for you to earn your BSN in such a short time because of the eligibility requirements for entering the program and because of the fast-tracked structure.

You should expect to have a heavy class load and clinical workload when you are taking an accelerated program. All of the coursework that you must take will be centered around the nursing field. You will generally cover subjects and learn the objectives in a short time. Each session covers a topic and then you will also be expected to complete your clinical hours in the process. Accelerated programs do not have breaks between sessions, which shortens how long your nursing studies will take.

Who is an Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing Program for?

Accelerated programs are not for new students who have never completed a college credit or experienced what college life is about. One of the things that makes an accelerated program unique is that only people who have non-nursing degrees from an accredited school can apply and gain acceptance. You will need to either have a Bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree in another field before you can take a program where you will only cover nursing curriculum. This is a requirement because you need to have the general education courses complete in order to cut the time it takes to complete your studies in half.

Who is this Program For?

Accelerated programs are not for everyone who has a degree. Even if you are eligible to enter into this type of fast-track program, you need to be prepared for the rigorous pace. You will need to be independent, organized and committed to completing coursework, lectures and practical hours all at once. If you are realistic and you can see the benefits of going through an intensive program now, you can start your career faster.

Accelerated nursing programs are sprouting up all over the United States. Be prepared to research schools and only choose a school that has earned a programmatic accreditation. By choosing an accredited school, you know that the school will live up to the standard and give you the education that you deserve. Once you research the accelerated BSN programs and schools that offer them, decide where to apply and learn about the deadlines.