What is the Quickest Way for an RN to Get a BSN?

What is the quickest way for an RN to get a BSN? For good cause, that question is being contemplated on a more frequent basis by nursing professionals. A chronic shortage of qualified providers that has historically plagued the healthcare field also yields beneficial side effects with exceptional earnings for relatively low educational requirements. These phenomena reflect in 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports of median annual earnings above $65,000 and projected occupational growth rate of 19 percent through 2022 for registered nurses.

Like other career paths, however, highest academic degree held directly correlates to maximum income potential and occupational advancement. Thus, a bachelor’s in nursing is the lowest threshold eligibility criterion for supervisory and administrative positions. While this makes BSNs highly coveted among associates-level RNs, many lead lives filled by hectic work schedules and family obligations that leave little for higher education. Fortunately, Academia and the medical establishment have conceived a brainchild to help busy ADNs achieve a BSN.

What Is the Quickest Way for an RN to Get a BSN?

Enter the RN to BSN

Their prodigy and probably the most popular accelerated course to BSN conferral is a novelty called RN to BSN. Specially designed for RNs with ADNs, its curricular format awards liberal academic credit for prior training and experience that bypasses lengthy coursework and clinical internship participation.

In fact, most RN to BSN programs allow licensed RNs with accredited ADNs to substitute up to 75 percent of instructional components. That leaves a typical number of only 27 to 35 credits in advanced nursing subjects needed to earn a BSN.

Distance Learning Is Fastest Way of Earning BSN Degrees

Even better news is that small instructional contingent may be completed in one year or less with full-time enrollment. Thanks to advanced technology, it is now possible and very easy to earn an entire degree via e-learning instead of physical class attendance. Online classes offer vast scheduling flexibility with round-the-clock accessibility to course materials and innovative instructional media.

This relatively recent arrival to higher learning scenes has revolutionized the way humans assimilate educational content. For example, RNs may peruse reading assignments or watch video demonstrations on a laptop screen while seated in hospital cafeterias during lunch hour. Likewise, they may cram for their next exam with coffee cup in hand during ten-minute breaks at nurses’ stations across the nation.

Extra Rewards of RN to BSN

An especially great bonus a growing number of RN to BSN graduates get is instant MSN credit. That fringe benefit comes from BSN classes being cross credited toward graduate nursing studies. This means that students can simultaneously reap multiple rewards in reduced BSN tuition, faster access to upper earnings echelons and expedited entry into Academia’s ultra-elite doctoral realms.

What is the Quickest Way for An RN to Get a BSN?

The above information offers a clear revelation that should bring prompt elimination of all mystery and doubt about the common question of what is the quickest way for an RN to get a BSN.