What Careers are Available with an MSN and an MBA?

Earning both an MSN and MBA is easier than you might think. Many colleges across the country now offer dual degree programs that let you earn both degrees in as little as two years. A Master of Science in Nursing prepares you for working in different medical fields, while a Master of Business Administration helps you see things from the business side. There are a number of career fields that might pique your interest when you finish both degrees and start looking for work after graduation.

Nursing Consultant

Do you like the idea of spending a lot of time on the road and working with different facilities and people? You might like the idea of working as a nursing consultant. Consultants travel from location to location and provide assistance to nurses working in hospitals, community care centers and other medical facilities. These professionals look at what the nurses in those facilities do and how the facilities run before offering suggestions on how to improve the level of patient care available. Consultants may also work within a specific city or region and check in on the progress that each facility makes.

Nursing Administrator

Administrators help hospitals and other facilities run more smoothly. They act as a liaison between doctors and others working in that setting and the patients. Administrators are the ones responsible for ensuring that everyone working in the facility has the right tools at their disposal. In addition to ordering new supplies and equipment, they keep track of medications, schedule workers to cover every shift and take care of hiring new employees. They can also answer questions that patients and their loved ones have, create a new budget and ensure that the facility operates within that budget.

Patient Care Coordinator

With both an MSN and MBA, you might find work as a patient care coordinator. Coordinators work in retirement homes, hospices, hospitals and other long term care facilities. They ensure that each patient has his or her needs taken care of, both in that facility and after the patients go home. As a coordinator, you might help patients work out payment plans or work with their insurers to cover their stays or to cover the cost of a live in or visiting nurse after they leave. Coordinators often help patients order equipment for use in their homes, as well.

Nurse Midwife

Going to graduate school for nursing allows you to select a concentration or specialize in a specific area. Nursing midwives attend graduate school and pass a licensing exam. They help pregnant women take care of their medical needs and may work in the delivery room, too. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing midwives make a mean wage of just over $92,000 a year. With an MBA degree, you’ll have the skills necessary to open your own office or to run the office of another professional. Running your own office lets you provide support to women and see your profits grow over the years.

A college degree can take you far, but a graduate degree can take you even farther. Earning two degrees can take just a few years and give you even more future opportunities. Some of the jobs available to those with both MSN and MBA degrees include patient care coordinators, nursing administrators, nursing consultants and midwives.