What are the Fastest-Growing Nursing Careers?

The world is constantly growing in population. Therefore, the number of people who require healthcare is constantly growing. The need for nurses is directly related to the population of the world. The higher the population, the more people there are that will need health care. The nursing field is growing quickly. However, what are the fastest growing nursing careers?

People looking for careers in nursing might benefit from learning what the fastest growing nursing careers are so that they can ensure they enter a field with good job availability.  While nursing as a whole offers good job availability and security, there are some stand-out nursing fields in regard to growth.

Home Health Care Nurses

The need for home care nurses is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.  As older generations not necessarily become sick, but develop age-related health care needs, they will require either home health care or assisted living. This means that for every elderly person that requires home health care, a nurse will be also needed. Job growth in the home health care field is expected to grow 70.5% from 2010 to 2020!

Cardiovascular Nurses

Careers for Registered Nurses (RN) can be focused on many different specific fields of study. They can be focused toward certain illnesses or particular age groups. One of the fastest growing fields of study for registered nurses is cardiovascular nursing. Cardiovascular nurses are needed now more than ever, due to the aging population and the obesity epidemic. Age and weight-related heart disease are one of the most common causes of hospitalization for Americans, and nurses are needed to care for this large population of patients.

Geriatric Nurses

Another growing career for nurses is a geriatric nurse. A geriatric nurse provides health care to elderly people. In America, the reason for the growth in this field is two-fold. Americans have longer lifespans than ever, and so we have more people living well into their 80s, and even 90s and above.  Second, we have the massive Baby Boomer generation, who are entering senior citizenry and will be facing greater need for nursing care as they age. Also, many of today’s nurses are reaching retirement age, and healthcare institutions can’t replace them fast enough.

Nurse Practitioners

Much of the healthcare administered is shifting to nurse care rather than physician care. This is increasing the need for Nurse Practitioners (NP). NPs are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (ARNP) who have completed advanced training beyond that of the traditional RN or BSN. Working under the supervision of a physician, they are qualified to see patients for minor injuries and treat a wide array of health concerns,They also perform well-checks and write prescriptions for non-controlled substances. Job growth is expected to be 23% for the ten-year span of 2006-2016.

It is important that people continue to seek careers in the field of nursing. Nurses will always be needed. From childbirth to care for the elderly, and everything in-between, nurses are present in almost all medical situations. The world is growing and with it the profession of nursing will continue to grow.